Breast Augmentation and Breast Enhancement


Breast augmentation or breast enhancement is a procedure done to increase the size of the breast. It is performed for women who have lost fullness after pregnancy or breastfeeding, and also for women who desire more volume. It is a popular method used to increase the size, to augment the shape of the breast and to improve the symmetry of a women’s breast. This is most often done using silicone cohesive-gel implants, saline implants and sometimes fat-grafting.

Breast Augmentation - 5 Simple Steps

Breast Augmentation in Singapore

Breast augmentation is a signature procedure at Allure Plastic Surgery. It is done safely under sedation where the patient is asleep throughout the procedure. The patient is able to go home the same day with minimal downtime.

Breast Augmentation-Tear Drop Implant

Choice of implant:

Breast implants serve as a breast filler that's either filled with silicone implant (cohesive-gel) or saline. The shell of the implant may be smooth or textured. Silicone breast implants also come in either round or tear-drop shapes and patients are able to opt for breast sizes down to the cup size. Implant size and type choices have their pros and cons, hence a detailed discussion with the surgeon is conducted before a final decision can be made.

Choice of incision:

The implant may be inserted through an inframammary fold incision (in the fold under the breast), a peri-areolar incision (around the nipple) or trans-axillary incision (underarm). The final choice on the type of incision used is based on patient wishes, whether the surgery is first-time or a revision, and the size and shape of the implant.

Breast Augmentation-Breast Implant

Choice of pocket:

The implant can either be placed in a pocket under the pectoralis major muscle (subpectoral), or it can be placed under the breast (sub-glandular). The sub-glandular pocket is the preferred one for implant placement. However, the sub-pectoral pocket may be preferred in specific instances, such as for breast-lifting procedures, or when the patient desires a very pronounced cleavage, or in patients with a very well-developed pectoralis major muscle.


Breast reconstruction

Reconstruction of the breast may be required after removal of the breast (mastectomy), most commonly due to cancer and less so due to trauma or severe infection. Congenital conditions may also necessitate breast reconstruction. Mastectomy may be partial or total.

Reconstruction may be carried out at the same time as the mastectomy, termed primary reconstruction, or at a later stage, termed secondary reconstruction. This can be achieved through an autologous technique using tissue from either the patient’s tummy (preferred) or the patient’s back, or by using an implant prosthesis.

Breast reconstruction is a medical procedure, hence Medisave and insurance claims are possible.

Breast Fat Grafting

Breast Enhancement using Fat-grafting or Lipo-filling

Fat-grafting to the breast can be performed in order to augment the size and symmetry of the breast. The fat is harvested from the patient’s tummy, thighs or buttocks, and may be done as part of a liposuction procedure or alone. The fat is then carefully processed using a well-established protocol and injected into the breasts. Staged procedures may be required to achieve the desired outcome. This is usually performed 3 months apart.

Fat grafting to the breast may also be performed for medical reasons, such as to correct deformities in the breast due to removal of large breast lumps or previous breast infections. Fat transfers involve delicate work with the breast tissue or even the chest muscle and must only be performed by a certified plastic surgeon. Please contact our clinic at Wisma Atria for more information.


What is the recovery time to expect?

A breast augmentation at Allure Plastic Surgery Singapore is carried out on an out-patient basis, meaning that there is no need for an overnight stay. Patients are given general anaesthesia and will be asleep through the procedure.

Patients experience some swelling and bruising but you will be able to return to work on day 2 or day 3. There are usually no visible scars.


Who performs the surgery?

Breast augmentation procedure is a signature procedure performed by Dr Samuel Ho. Trained in Korea, Dr Ho has extensive experience in performing breast shaping work.

To start, Dr Samuel Ho will conduct a detailed consultation to evaluate your body structure, physical build and discuss with you the changes you desire.

Patients are welcomed and encouraged to address any of their concerns or questions so that they can make a confident decision about undergoing breast augmentation surgery.


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