Buccal Fat Removal

buccal fat removal

Buccal Fat Removal / Cheek Reduction Surgery 

Puffy cheeks may be a result of excessive buccal fat.

After obtaining access to the buccal fat pad, manual pressure to the exterior of the cheek is applied, which pushes the buccal fat pad to protrude to the interior of the mouth. This allows for the gripping of the fat pad. Not all of the buccal fat pad is removed as some is required to be left behind to allow for a smooth gliding plane. Only enough buccal fat is removed in order to achieve the desired cheek reduction before careful haemostasis and suturing is performed.

Buccal fat that is removed by this procedure can be subsequently put to other uses or discarded. If this is done in combination with a rhinoplasty for example, the removed fat pad can be used to shield the nasal silicone implant or to augment the nasal tip. Other cosmetic uses include using it to fill a hollow tear trough deformity in the lower eyelid. These novel techniques have been published by our Plastic Surgeon in the leading plastic surgery journal (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery).

Buccal fat excision is a simple procedure that can be performed in 30 minutes to an hour, with minimal downtime. Often, patients can return to work the following day. Good intra-oral hygiene is emphasized with the provision of a mouth gargle in order to minimize the risk of infection.




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