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dimple creation

Dimple creation surgery (dimpleplasty)

The presence of dimples can result in a more youthful, friendly and cute appearance. This is a sought after appearance both for ladies as well as men. Often, the patient has no dimples and would like dimples to be created; in other scenarios, there may be asymmetry, with just a one-sided dimple, with the patient seeking to have a symmetrical dimple on the opposite side.


Dimple creation or dimpleplasty is performed using a suture technique with an intra-oral incision. This is a minimally invasive procedure that is relatively simple and has very few complications, and may be performed either under local anaesthesia or with some intravenous sedation.

The requested position of the new dimple is marked out on the face, and the location confirmed by the patient. An absorbable suture is first passed through the inside of the cheek, after a small incision in made on the interior of the mouth. This suture then catches the undersurface of the skin (dermis) and looped back to the original incision site. When the suture is tied down to the buccinators muscle, it creates a natural-looking dimple in the overlying skin. The depth of the dimple is determined by careful tensioning of the suture by our Plastic Surgeon; this is a key step of the surgery.

The surgery typically takes 30 to 45 minutes and will not leave a scar on the outside of the face. There is minimal downtime and the patient is able to return to work the same day and to normal diet after one day. A mouth gargle is prescribed in order to minimize the risk of infection. Other post-operative care advice would include not having excess mouth movements or any strenuous blowing actions for the first few days.

Typically, the dimple appears very deep for the first week but gradually becomes more shallow and natural looking in the weeks that follow due to some relaxation in the suture tension. The suture used is absorbable and is gradually replaced by scar tissue in the months that follow, resulting in a permanent dimple.


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