Face Thread Lift

Face THREAD Lift

Face lift threads may vary in terms of thickness and density. Threads with small cones around them are inserted into the skin via a needle. This produces a visible “lift” to the skin which creates a youthful, vibrant look.



How Face Thread Lifts Work

The sutures made by the threads has the effect of pulling the skin back and therefore giving the face a tighter look. Also, these threads inspire a healing response from within the skin, causing the body to direct a large surge of collagen to the treated area. Collagen is extremely important in combating ageing and giving the skin a youthful look.


The Face Thread Lift Process

First, your doctor will inject you with a local anaesthetic in order to numb the relevant parts of your face. This takes around 10-15 minutes to fully work. Under local anaesthesia, a doctor will use a needle to insert the threads horizontally into different parts of the face, to create a lifting effect. Sometimes, a doctor might opt to use a blunt cannula to insert the threads.

The total number of threads needed varies according to a few factors. These factors include:

  1. The existing face structure of the patient
  2. How much enhancement is required
  3. The thread that is being used (e.g. HIKO threads)

This entire procedure takes anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes.

Dr Samuel Ho’s Approach

Dr Samuel Ho personally prefers coned threads to barbed threads as he feels the core strength is less compromised and therefore the lifting effect is more sustained. Typically, 3-4 threads are required on each side to thread the lower face and a further 3 threads are required on each side to treat the neck. Dr Ho usually avoids using threads to thread the brows and eyelids as it may not provide for a very natural appearance.

Dr Ho also assesses the “weight” of the patient’s skin prior to the thread lift to ascertain if the lifting effect will be sustained. If it is too “heavy”, he will let the patient know as much, and advise them on other more suitable options.

In general, thread lifts provide an immediate period of lift and patients should be made aware of the degree of lift possible. Thread lift results can improve up to 3 months from the original procedure.


How Long Thread Lifts Last

Within 6 months to a year, the threads will naturally and safely dissolve within the skin. However, the effects of a thread lift last for 1-2 years, lasting even after all the threads have dissolved.

The downtime is minimal and many refer to this treatment as a “lunchtime lift” as patients can often get the procedure done during their lunch break and return to work straight after.  Side effects are rare and generally mild. These include:

  1. Mild bruising and swelling around the thread insertion areas
  2. Thread extrusion


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