Prominent Ear Correction / Otoplasty Surgery

Prominent Ear Correction

Otoplasty Surgery Singapore

Prominent ear correction or otoplasty can help to change the shape and position of the ears to bring about a more balanced, attractive appearance. Protruding or overly large ears are also sometimes called Bat’s Ears, denoting the psychological embarrassment that some patients endure. In very young infants, moulding can produce a good result, but in teenagers and adults, the calcification or hardening of the ear cartilage means that simple, non-surgical techniques do not work.

Depending on the individual characteristics of the prominent ear, correction may entail the removal of certain parts of the ear cartilage, scoring or dermabrasion of other parts of the ear cartilage, as well as the placement of mattress sutures to correct the angulation and the prominence. The exact surgical technique or combination of techniques is chosen only after careful assessment of the individual’s ear characteristics.

Otoplasty Technique

At Allure Plastic Surgery Singapore, protruding ears in varying degrees can be corrected using our hybrid technique of sutures and cartilage abrasion and excision with the surgical incision well hidden in the fold of the ear. This is typically performed under local anaesthesia with some intravenous sedation; general anaesthesia is also possible should the patient request for it. It is usually completed in 1 to 2 hours, depending on the severity of the prominent ears and how much correction is desired. Post-operatively, the patient will have compression bandages over the ears for a couple of days after surgery, which is then replaced by a headband at the first follow-up. Typically, patients can return to work a week after surgery.

Other rare ear deformities include Stahl’s ear, crytoptia (part of the top ear is hidden under the scalp skin) and lop ear (top part of the ear is folded over). All these rare conditions require careful assessment, in order to achieve a good correction. This should be performed only after a detailed consultation with our Plastic Surgeon.


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