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Eyebag Removal Surgery Singapore


With the ever-increasing demands of the working population in Singapore, it is not uncommon to see them being taken late into the night feverously attempting to clear emails or finish projects. One unfortunate side effect of this is those much-dreaded eye bags that give a tired and listless appearance. Hence, it is unsurprising that more and more people are seeking out eye bag removal in Singapore. Fortunately, this is a relatively simple surgery done by most plastic surgeons.

What are Eye Bags?

It is caused by the weakening of muscle and skin around the eye leading to a formation of a pouch which is eventually filled with excess fat deposits giving the appearance of an eye bag. This situation can be worsened when fluids in the body begin to accumulate accompanied by discolouration and shadows to create an even puffier appearance of the lower lid.

Causes of Eye Bags

There are a variety of issues that work in tandem that results in eyebags.

  • Stress: When your body is stressed, blood is sent to your vital organs causing the face to look pale and drained causing dark circles to appear more prominently. Furthermore, stress would also affect one's sleep cycle. Insufficient restorative sleep would cause the blood vessels to dilate increasing blood flow to the capillaries in the lower eyelid further accentuating the eyebags.
  • Genetics: Some people have strong genetic tendencies lead to deep cut creases in the lower eye area. This makes eye bags more prominent as they age.
  • Allergies: Cells in the body release a chemical component that causes fluids to leak from the blood vessels leading to swelling and puffiness of the skin in the eye area.
  • Loss of skin laxity and collagen: As a person ages, many factors int the body such as oxidative stress will begin to break down collagen leading to sagging of the skin in the lower eyelid area.

The severity of eyebags ranges from mild to high. In mild cases, eyebags are visible only when you look upwards. In severe cases, the eye bag is prominent, bulging and can be seen at all times.

What is Scarless Eye bag Removal?

Scarless eye bag removal is a technique of removing the excess fat deposits under your eyelids from a tiny incision inside the lower eyelid, such that there is no visible scar from the outside. This surgical treatment directly impacts the eye area and is performed under a combination of local anaesthesia and full sedation. After the plastic surgeon removes the eye bags and fat deposits during the surgical eye bag removal, you will look refreshed and more youthful as the puffy sagging skin regains its laxity. This procedure is also known as Lower Blepharoplasty surgery and is classified as a form of plastic surgery.

How to remove Eye bag?

According to the severity of your eye bags, the surgeon performing the procedure could apply one of the following techniques for your eye bag surgery:

  • The Trans-conjunctival approach or Scarless Eye bag removal – This procedure is suitable for patients with mild to moderate eye bags whose skin is not very loose around the eye. The removal procedure is performed through the inner aspect of the lower eyelid. No exterior scar remains after this process and fat grafting can be performed together with this surgery for the most favourable results.
  • Incisional Technique - The surgeon makes an incision in the skin just beneath the lower eyelashes. The eye bag fat is then removed and re-positioned as the client requires. Afterwards, the client’s cheek can be tightened and lifted. Further, fat grafting can be performed together with this eyebag removal procedure so as to get the best results.

Eyebag Removal Before After illustration

Who is suitable for Eye bag removal surgery?

Generally, almost anyone is suitable. However, ideal candidates would be younger patients with mild to moderate eyebags, lesser skin laxity and lower amounts of excess skin. However, there is no age limit for eyebag removal surgery.

Does this procedure involve pain?

During lower blepharoplasty, anaesthetics are used to numb the eye region so that you are comfortable throughout the removal surgery. You may also opt to be sedated throughout the whole removal procedure.

Will the procedure take long?

The procedure takes 45mins to 1 hour.

Is this eye bag removal procedure safe?

Eye bag removal in Singapore is relatively safe due to the strict guidelines put in place by MOH that only accredited plastic surgeons are allowed to practice. This means that surgeons performing lower blepharoplasty has gone through years of rigorous testing and examinations before being able to perform procedures such as eye bag removal surgery.

How should I prepare for my Lower Blepharoplasty?

In the week leading up to the procedure, be sure to avoid painkillers, alcohol, smoking and anything that contains Vitamin E. This is to prevent complications such as excessive bleeding, blood clots or wound infections.

Surgeons should be informed of any red eyes, eye irritation, fever or any other illnesses the day before your eye bag removal surgery.

What is the downtime to expect?

Patients experience minor swelling and bruising in the skin around the eyes after eye bag removal which will diminish in a few days. There are usually no visible scars. Full recovery takes 1 to 2 weeks.

Who performs the surgery?

The procedure is performed by Dr Samuel Ho. Trained in Korea, Dr Ho has extensive experience in performing delicate and intricate surgical work.

To start, Dr Samuel Ho will conduct a detailed consultation to evaluate your facial anatomies such as the amount of fat and excess skin in your eye bags and the suitable treatment methods for it.

Patients are welcomed and encouraged to address any of their concerns or questions so that they can make a confident decision about undergoing eye bag surgery.


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