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Located at the penthouse floor of Wisma Atria, Allure Plastic Surgery is headed by consultant plastic surgeon Dr Samuel Ho ( 何耀明医生).

This elegant day surgery centre focuses on Mummy makeovers, Tummy tucks, delicate Rhinoplasty work and Breast surgery.

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breast augmentation service


Using a refined technique of Breast Enhancement, this safe procedure achieves natural-looking fuller breasts.

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allure double eyelids


A signature procedure at Allure Plastic Surgery, Double Eyelid Surgery can be performed using the no-cutting stitching method or the incisional bleharoplasty method.

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allure eyebag removal


Scarless eye bag removal removes excess fat deposits from underneath your eyelids. The scarless method is a Korean-style technique that involves no cuts, meaning that patients have a quicker recovery time.

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Rhinoplasty, a specialty of Allure Plastic Surgery, involves delicate nose work to enhance the profile of the nose and harmoniously give balance to the facial features. Allure does 7 different kinds of rhinoplasty work.

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allure fat transfer


A fat graft is used to transfer fat from the tummy or thighs, to the cheeks, forehead and chin, giving volume and creating a more youthful rejuvenated appearance.

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allure gynaecomastia


Gynaecomastia Correction is performed to remove excessive breast growth in males.

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Latest News & Articles

It is sometimes possible to breastfeed after undergoing breast surgery, but it will be a much different experience to breastfeeding without having a breast lift. Depending on the procedure, the surgery will affect the breasts and the lactation process in different ways. Breast lifts can affect the lactation system and make it difficult or impossible to breastfeed afterwards. If you are interested in getting a breast lift but still want to be able to breastfeed in the future, talk to your surgeon to see if there’s a way to alter the surgery to preserve your ability to breastfeed.

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Sometimes confused with amblyopia, or “lazy eye”, ptosis is a condition affecting the muscles atop the eye’s orbit that causes drooping of one or both upper eyelids. The drooping can be subtle, but in severe cases, it can cause the entire eye to shut. While the risk of ptosis increases as we age, it can afflict children as well as adults.

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Mastopexy, also known as breast lift surgery, is an effective way of making your chest full and perky again – as long as the thought of a subsequent scar doesn’t bother you, that is. Alas, invasive interventions usually leave parting marks in the treatment site which can scary some patients away from the procedure. The good news is that certain incision patterns do less damage to the skin and that – in conjunction with adequate postoperative care – can keep breast lift scars down. Here is what you need to know

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