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5 Plastic Surgery Myths Busted by Dr Samuel Ho

5 Plastic Surgery Myths Busted by Plastic Surgeon Dr Samuel Ho

In today’s digital world, information is everywhere just ready to be plucked and used. But, how true are they? How can we discern facts from fiction? Plastic Surgeon Dr Samuel Ho debunks a few popular plastic surgery myths.

Myth #1: Incisional double eyelid surgery gives an artificial look

Double eyelid surgery that involves slicing or slitting, brings about effects that are as normal and far more enduring than non-incisional double eyelid surgical procedures. Although, in comparison to the ‘stitching’ technique, it takes a prolonged duration to ‘naturalise’ because of the magnified discolouration and swelling.

An abnormal double eyelid fold occurs when excess eyelid skin has been sliced away or if the eyelid crease height selected is elevated or if the eyelid fold form is ill-suited. [1] While all of this comes down to genuine deductions in the deciding factors pre-surgery, the above abnormalities tend to happen more often from an incisional technique in comparison to the hemming technique.

5 Plastic Surgery Myths Busted by Plastic Surgeon Dr Samuel Ho

Myth #2: Cesarean and Tummy Tucks can be done
simultaneously to execute a mummy makeover within a
single recuperation

Actually, this form of treatment is not advisable due to the increased number of hormones from the pregnancy that amounts to increased bleeding and discolouration. It is quite strenuous to ascertain the mass of excess fat and skin that should be eliminated during the tummy tuck surgery. This is due to the extra swelling in the skin derived out of the pregnancy.

Not to mention, being able to breastfeed successfully after childbirth could be influenced by any further strain and extended recovery from a tummy tuck procedure.

Myth #3: Breastfeeding will not be possible with breast implants. They will have to be removed beforehand.

Several acclaimed studies in the US have exposed this myth, revealing that the breast implants made from silicone do not seep into breast milk. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there haven’t been any recent clinical reports of problems in babies of mothers with silicone implants. Hereby, proving that mothers with implants, their breast milk is as secure as those mothers without implants. [2]

Furthermore, there is no awkwardness encountered by mothers when breastfeeding than those without. However, while breastfeeding, mothers with huge implants could meet added inflammatory effects. As long as indissoluble gel implants are set sub-muscularly, the expression of breast milk utilising a suction device is secure.

Ultimately, a few of my patients fret that after breastfeeding they will encounter escalated sagging when it is the exact opposite. Mothers with breast implants, especially mothers with sub-muscular implants will encounter less breastfeeding deflation after which decreases the evident sag.

Placement of Breast Implants

Myth #4: Tummy Tucks are only performed for vanity’s sake 

Looking at a huge group of my patients, especially mothers who have undergone several pregnancies, infants or twins who are heavier than usual, and cesarean sections, this is certainly false. A possible reason for going for tummy tucks could be umbilical hernias or diastasis recti (a separation of the abdominal muscles).

5 Plastic Surgery Myths Busted by Plastic Surgeon Dr Samuel Ho

These are practical issues and could be symptomatic that will only aggravate with age. This could additionally influence their capability to engage in physical exercises such as pilates, yoga as well as other activities that need and build on core strength.

Tummy tucks are not just slicing away additional skin and fat, they also give way to the healing of these hernias and defects, effectively reestablishing function to patients.

Myth #5: Plastic Surgery is only meant for women

This is false considering around 30 to 35% of my clientele are men. Getting rid of eye bags is their top reason to opt for plastic surgery. Some of the other customary reasons being ptosis or droopy eyelids and man boobs or gynaecomastia. Based on their seriousness, the above issues are quite likely to be insurance and Medisave claimable.

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