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Get beach body ready with a tummy tuck in 2021

Beach body

Getting beach body ready in Singapore isn’t very time-specific to the summertime as this little island is generally sunny all year round. However, with restrictions in place, it would be an especially good time to hit the beach for some rest and relaxation. But before that, consider getting a tummy tuck so that you can look your best.

Perhaps you’re planning a nice evening out, dipping your feet in the sand, and posing with your best friends in your new bikini for the gram. Here are some tips to get your body feeling and looking beach body ready for the summer.

Work your core

A strong core isn’t just about perfect abs or a toned stomach! Often referred to as the centre or bridge of the body, the core is important for balance and posture. Core strength helps you move better and avoid injuries. Well-defined abs are just a bonus!

Many exercises work for core training, such as crunches, sit-ups and planks. Apart from your core, planks help strengthen your glutes (a.k.a. your butt) and hamstrings. [1] If you are doing your exercises correctly, 8-15 repetitions are all that you need to target your abs and get results. Importantly, keep your back straight and butt level with the rest of your body during the plank to get the most out of it.

Don’t forget the booty

A good buttock is important not just for how it looks — but also the fact that strong glute muscles can protect your lower back during squats and weightlifting exercises.

Some of our favourite butt exercises include lunges, squats and step-ups. If you’re up for a bigger challenge, throw a resistance band into the mix!

Go snack-less... or try to snack less

If you’re hoping to lose some weight, there’s no escaping the no-snack rule. Or, really, the less-snack rule, because dieticians say some snacking can be a part of a healthy diet.

The catch? Choosing the right snacks. Those high in protein, fat or fibre tend to feel more filling, keeping your hunger satiated longer. [2] Think carrots, apple bites, or yoghurt. Look out for foods high in nutrition and try ditching the chips for a period of time.

Consider a tummy tuck

A healthy diet and a good fitness regime are really the two non-secrets to achieving our ideal, strong bodies. If you already have those nailed like a champ, but still find yourself short of your desired beach-ready body, you may want to give body contouring procedures a shot.

Different from weight loss, body contouring entails fat (and excess skin) removal. Tummy tuck surgery, in particular, target the removal of lax skin and fat around your abdomen, improving your tummy contour, building your core muscle strength, and correcting any herniation.

But how does it work? A tummy tuck (formally called an abdominoplasty) is a surgical procedure that requires general anaesthesia. The surgeon separates the patient’s skin and fat from the muscles before the splayed muscles are pulled and stitched together for a more defined and controlled contour.

There are different types of tummy tucks, and the type of procedure you undergo depends on your specific needs and concerns, mainly:

For example, post-pregnancy mothers usually benefit most from the mini-abdominoplasty or a mini tummy tuck. Your plastic surgeon will recommend what would be best for you. 

What you can expect from your tummy tuck procedure is a smoother, firmer and more sculpted stomach. Potentially, it could also fix marks that your past weight fluctuations could’ve left on that area, such as stretch marks.

Strong mind for a strong body

Ultimately, more than just looking good, you should be feeling strong, proud, and happy with your body. No matter if your goal is a perfectly flat tummy or just clocking in thirty squats a day, it is always a good time to refresh and recharge.

Just remember that even as you work on your 2021 beach body, don’t forget to give yourself a break (and a whole lot of love) amidst the crazy COVID19-filled year we’ve been having!

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