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Unveiling Plastic Surgery Trends in Post-pandemic Singapore

Lady going for plastic surgery

In the dynamic world of aesthetics, Singapore has emerged as a hub for embracing the latest plastic surgery trends in 2023. This island nation's cutting-edge medical facilities, highly skilled surgeons, and diverse population have contributed to the surge in transformative procedures and advancements. From customised treatments to innovative nonsurgical options, Singaporean patients and international visitors are seeking the most effective ways to enhance their beauty and achieve their desired aesthetic goals. This article introduces current plastic surgery trends, explores the most popular procedures, highlights essential considerations before opting for surgery, and compares the benefits and risks of plastic surgery to non-invasive treatments.

Exploring General Plastic Surgery Trends

Here are some of the top trends that are dominating Singapore’s plastic surgery scene.

Increased popularity of plastic surgery

There has been a rising demand for plastic surgery in Singapore compared to before the pandemic. Numerous patients, who had expressed no prior interest in cosmetic treatment, have been discovering aspects of the face that they dislike because they spend more time on video calls. They feel insecure about their face displayed on Zoom’s video thumbnail, motivating them to opt for plastic surgery to correct facial imperfections.

In addition, gone are the days when few men underwent plastic surgery. Some plastic surgeons have noticed a steady rise in men going under the knife for aesthetic purposes (e.g. eye bag removal) in recent years.

Heightened emphasis on customised treatment 

One-size-fits-all approaches are taking a back seat as the demand for bespoke treatments becomes even stronger. Instead of solely relying on the golden ratio of beauty to determine the "perfect face", more patients are embracing the notion that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. They request bespoke treatment plans to enhance their unique features while preserving their natural beauty.

Popular Plastic Surgeries in Singapore

Amidst the ever-evolving trends, certain plastic surgeries remain favourites among patients in Singapore. The following procedures continue to be highly sought-after:

Breast augmentation 

Breast Augmentation Illustration

To innumerable women, their breasts are the ultimate symbol of femininity, which is why breast augmentation is much-loved in Singapore. It involves the use of silicone cohesive-gel implants and sometimes fat-grafting. Breast augmentation enables women to enhance breast volume as well as improve the symmetry of the breasts, boosting body confidence.

Droopy eyelid surgery/ Ptosis surgery

Benefits of Droopy eyelid/ptosis surgery

Droopy eyelid surgery (also known as ptosis surgery) ranks high among Singaporeans, providing a good solution for those with moderate to severe ptosis. This treatment involves an incisional technique in the eyelid crease under local anesthesia and light sedation, followed by lifting the upper eyelid. Ptosis surgery helps patients regain full unblocked vision as well as make the eyes appear larger, resulting in a more refreshed and attractive appearance.


Model with nice model

Liposuction continues to be a preferred option for individuals seeking to eliminate stubborn fat deposits unresponsive to diet and exercise. While it is not a magic-bullet weight loss solution, the popular procedure removes fat quickly and safely for a more contoured and slimmer physique.

Tip: if you are a woman with post-pregnancy body issues looking for a more extensive transformation, do consider Dr Samuel Ho’s signature mummy makeovers treatment (made up of breast lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, abdominal laxity correction and Labiaplasty).

Considerations Before Undergoing Plastic Surgery

Before embarking on a plastic surgery journey, do consider the following factors to ensure a successful and satisfying experience:

Thorough Research: Patients must conduct comprehensive research on the specific procedure they are interested in and seek out reputable plastic surgeons with extensive experience in the field.

Realistic Expectations: Plastic surgeons are doctors (not magicians). It is crucial to set realistic expectations for the outcome of the surgery. A candid conversation with the plastic surgeon will help patients understand what can be achieved and avoid unrealistic aspirations. 

Health Evaluation:  Prior to any surgical procedure, a thorough health evaluation is essential to determine the patient's overall fitness for surgery. This evaluation helps identify any underlying medical conditions that might affect the safety of the surgery.

Risk-reward Ratio: With the widespread availability of both plastic surgery and non-invasive treatments, some patients may be uncertain about whether they should opt for more or less invasive procedures. Here is the lowdown:

Plastic SurgeryNon-Invasive Treatments
Degree of enhancement
Better suited for those desiring significant changes or transformationsSuitable for individuals with mild to moderate concerns seeking subtle enhancements
Longevity of resultsLasting for several years or even a lifetimeRequires periodic touch-ups or repeat sessions
DowntimeRequires a recovery period with specific post-operative guidelinesMinimal to no downtime, immediate resumption of daily activities. Hence, they are called “lunchtime treatments”.

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Singapore is a world-class medical healthcare hub, so Singaporeans do not need to go through the hassle of flying to South Korea for safe and effective plastic surgeries. Allure Plastic Surgery’s Dr Samuel Ho trained under top plastic surgery centres in South Korea, such as Hanyang University Hospital, 101 Plastic Surgery Clinic and BIO Plastic Surgery Clinic, and is well-versed in popular surgical procedures like droopy eyelid surgery, breast augmentation and mummy makeovers. Dr Ho has more than a decade of surgery experience under his belt, enabling him to create a natural, harmonious look characteristic of Korean plastic surgeons.


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